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Electric Hand Held Massager:

The Energy King hand held electric Percussion Massager can provide relief from general muscle aches and pains, massaging away the tightness in your neck and shoulders.  More of us are experiencing tight neck, shoulders and arm from using a computer.  Our electric massager can relieve these symptoms and many more.    

We have been selling this  electric massager for 8 years; the results and relief people experience is amazing. (We hear the stories all the time).  From some of New Zealand's top athletes to an over eighty year old women who has benefited because the massager helped to relieve ongoing pain and relieve stiffness.  

On a personal note, we would not be without ours.  How it has helped us.  Relieves shoulder and neck pain caused by computer use.  Fixed our backs when we have had some issues.  Relief from the rigors of boot camp.  (Several of my boot camp team mates were very happy I bought one in to show them and they kept thanking me after they purchased the massager and used it throughout the boot camp).  
It helped my mother after a fall caused problems with her hip area.  Once she started using the massager she got instant results.  

New Zealand Safety Certified. 18 watts.


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