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Massage Table Non Portable: "New Zealand Made"

Massage Table Non Portable: "New Zealand Made"
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Fixed Height Non Portable Massage Table for Clinic situation. Suitable for sensual massage.
Made to order
Please ring us to make enquiries and to order this product.  Ph 09 8323137
Lead time can be up to 3 weeks.
This table is a made to order as a massage table/Thai massage table/sensual massage table.  
Table height, width, and length are made to suit your situation. 
This tables will last a very long time without any issues what so ever.  

This is suitable for Thai massage,  Sensual Massage,  Heavy Sports Massage.  High workload situation. Treatment Table/treatment Plinth.  Lomi Lomi Massage 

If you required a height adjustable nonportable/stationary massage table, shop://129_140/01488

This nonportable massage table or fixed height massage table is made for a therapist or massage business that needs an extremely strong and stable massage table for a clinic situation or mall situation. Our massage table easily supports the weight of two people on the table.  Both the client and therapist will feel safe and confident on this sturdy, extremely strong, long-lasting, reliable, comfortable massage table.

Our standard table is 1950mm x 700mm wide with the height of your choosing.  The massage table is constructed with a renewable resource of New Zealand untreated pine timber.  It is finished with a clear, durable water-based sealant, to make it easy to clean.  
Constructed with quality materials for a long life under heavy workloads. Handcrafted by Graeme Wright. 

Model - FHT $745.00 (price includes GST)
LENGTH: 1950mm 
  Extra length 
2000mm long is an extra        $20.00

WIDTH: standard 700mm wide:  $745.00  
If you require the table to be wider between
750mm wide is an extra       $20.00
800mm wide is an extra         40.00                                                                                     
850mm wide is an extra         60.00 
900mm wide is an extra       100.00

1000mm wide is an extra     150.00                                                                                                          

HEIGHT: Made to Order
WEIGHT: 55kg approx
FACE HOLE: Included
DENSITY: 38 kgs per cubic metre. EL38 200 This 38 density foam will give you better resilience force than lower density foams.
VINYL: Seamate is a very hard wearing and durable, quality vinyl.
Untreated pine frame and 18mm MDF table top.
Shelf underneath 18mm MDF
Frame and shelf sealed with water-based lacquer to make for easier cleaning.
If you require a wider than normal shelf, there will be an extra cost.  Please contact us.  
 Shelf widths are
380mm for 700mm wide tables, max 380mm 
467mm for 750mm                     max 430mm
417mm for 800mm                     max 480mm
367mm for 850mm                     max 530mm
317mm for 900mm                     max 580mm 
217mm for 1000mm                   max 680mm
Standard storage shelf frame height off the floor is 100mm.
You can request a 18mm shelf frame height off the floor.

Face Hole Position
 Our standard measurement from the top end of the table to the top of the face hole is 155mm.  This allows a maximum working space from the chin end of the face hole to the bottom end of the table of 1620mm on our standard length table of 1950mm.

You can request the top of the face hole to be 75mm from the top end of the table.This gives an extra 80mm of working table length. Be aware that this then brings the cross brace on the table legs into view underneath the upper part of the face hole.For tables 650mm and higher, it is not very obtrusive. Tables under 650mm high, it is obtrusive.

As a guide compare the working length of our portable tables
1950mm long 3 section (backrest tables - 1660mm working length
1850mm long 2 section massage tables - 1560mm working length
If you are unsure of any of your requirements please contact us.  We have over 25 years of experience in the manufacture of massage tables and so will be able to advise you well.  

Confirming Height and width can be made to order, but keep in mind the measurement so that it will fit through doors and up stairs etc when made and brought to your premises.

If you are not sure about what width and length etc you need, we can guide you through.  Ph 098323137

Delivery Central Auckland Area 1-2 tables    $120.00     (CBD)

Areas beyond CBD or out of Auckland please contact us for a quote.

(You are welcome to pick up but will need a trailer or van).  

Nonportable massage tables can be delivered anywhere in New Zealand.   We can get a quote back to you for delivery and packaging.  

Non Portable Tables Packaged to send
Please ring us to make enquiries on this product.  Ph 09 8323137

We also make custom made covers for these nonportable tables.  https://www.justtables.co.nz/shop/Massage+Tables/Non+Portable+Massage+Table.html

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