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We make a variety of quality towel size and drapes for a massage table.  We have called some items  towels which is familiar to everyone, but ours are made from polar fleece.
The reason we and other therapists prefer polar fleece is because it helps to stop oils getting onto a massage table. Polar fleece does not absorb the oil as much as a towel, so does not easily store oil which can become rancid and give off a unpleasant smell.  There is a point where towels and covers should be replaced for health reasons (rancid oil is very toxic) and for safety reasons (towels can catch fire while in or after being in a dryer if oil deposits remain in the material).
The other important and practical factor is that polar fleece dries very quickly.  In winter it can be an issue for therapists getting towels dried, with the polar fleece material it dries very quickly on the line, inside or in the drier. Saving on power costs.  It also washes up well.  

Here is a review from one of our customers. Received 27.6.2016
I have now been using the linen by Just Tables  for a year and it is great.  It gets washed every day and is exposed to various creams and oils on a daily basis, It has no oil stains and shows no signs needing to be replaced any time soon. I would recommend Just tables to anyone who is looking for top quality, comfortable linen at affordable prices.   
 I approached Just Tables because I was after quality linen for my Osteopathy and Massage clinic.  Through using Just Tables website i was able to find exactly what i was looking for at the click of a button, the Website is very user friendly and easy to use. I found the experience quick and painless with no mucking around, Suzanne and Graeme Provided a top quality service and produced High quality Linen for my Business.

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