How to care for a massage table polar fleece covers

Polar fleece washing instructions:
Machine Washable
Avoid washing with towels.
Select a gentle wash and rinse cycles with warm water using a small amount of detergent.
Do not use fabric softener.
Air dry where possible.

You can put them in the dryer on a medium to low heating setting.  Polar fleece will dry relatively quickly.  anti-static dryer sheet would help to keep the static effect down.  

Oil can penetrate massage table covers, so be aware that this can be hazardous when drying them in a hot dryer, and may even cause a fire.  Make sure to replace your covers if the oils are not being removed in the wash or after soaking.  There can also be a build up of oils over time which can cause the oils to smell rancid.  Not a good smell when a client is lying on a table cover.  
Polar Fleece covers and blanket

The vinyl covering of your table is important.  If not properly cleaned and looked after, it can be damaged and cracked, to become a health hazard and visually very unprofessional.

Body oils and massage oils draw plasticisers out of the vinyl, so it goes stiff, and then it will crack. Apart from the obvious fact that this is not a “good look”, it can make the table less comfortable to lie on, and also means it can not be cleaned hygienically. Cuts and damage to vinyl surfaces also have the same disadvantages.

The best way to clean your table is to use soft soap and water.  Never use harsh or abrasive cleaners on your vinyl.  Always start cleaning inside the face hole first.  If you clean the face hole last, you will transfer small quantities of oil from the flat surfaces of the table to the sewn seams in the face hole.  You will not be able to fully clean the oil out from there so this will be the first place on your table for the vinyl to crack.
Most vinyl damage to tables is done to the bottom corners of tables, usually when the table is being transported, or put up or taken down.
When moving the table in its folded position, make sure you pick the table up clear of the floor before moving off. Many people move off (without realising they are doing it) before the table is fully clear of the floor. This quite often tilts the table so that the lower corners of the folded table will contact the floor. This is the most common way to damage vinyl on your table. Another way to damage vinyl is to hit the lower corners of the table on stairs or going through doorways (remember that going down stairs you need to lift the table higher, because the back end of the table is further behind you). The table frame is hard, the object you are hitting is usually hard, and the soft vinyl is sandwiched between. Many people damage vinyl in this way, and do not realise they have done it because it does not require a very strong collision to do the damage.

Covering your table while in use.    LINK
It is best to fully cover the vinyl of your table to help keep oils off the massage table (see vinyl care for the damage oils do to your vinyl) LINK  Covering also prevents belt buckles and zips from damaging your vinyl if your clients are clothed.  

Use a carry bag.  We recommend you always use a massage table carry bag to prevent damage in transit or while being stored.
Do not allow clients to jump onto a massage table.
It seems obvious but some clients are so excited to get a massage or healing work etc that they literally jump on to the table. This is where a table plywood can crack.   Always direct your client to mount and dismount your massage table carefully.
Always use both handles when lifting the table in the folded position, ensure you lift the table straight up without leaving a corner down to be bumped and scrapped.  (We see this type of damage to tables if you are not careful).
Maintain the massage table periodically.
Make sure all screws are secure and the cable has not deteriorated or frayed. When closing up your table in this position, ensure the guy wires are not poking out the bottom of the table case to be caught up when closed. This may damage the cable. Also be aware of making sure that the attaching points of the stay wires to the wooden leg stays,  DO  pivot properly, when folding the legs into the table case to close the table up for transport.  If they do not pivot properly, they may be jammed into the underside of the table. This means that the legs cannot close fully. The wires may then be bent. If the wires are bent repeatedly, they will eventually break, and probably with a weight (client) on the table.

 Massage Table with extras inside