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Aluminium Massage Table: Model JTASLB3

Aluminium Massage Table: Model  JTASLB3
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Beauty Therapy/Massage Table /Tattoo Table/ Reflexology Table
IMPORTED SERIES: Black vinyl-  
This is a strong, sturdy, lightweight aluminium, recommended for massage and beauty therapy/tattoo table/reflexology/acupuncture and a wide variety of other treatments.
We are very excited about the quality and strength of this portable massage table. It is particularly strong with a working weight of over 270kgs. The legs are all welded
 high strength tubular aircraft aluminium, adding to the stability and strength of this lightweight massage table (15kgs). 
WARRANTY: 2-year Return to Base Warranty.  We have ensured our massage tables are reliable and constructed with quality workmanship and materials.  It is very rare for our customers to have any issues, but if anything arises we have a backup service and replacement parts if ever needed.   
All prices include GST

Model - JTASLB3 $360.00 
ADJUSTABLE BACKREST: Easily adjusts to 10 positions. Used for beauty therapy, reflexology, acupuncture, tattooing etc 
LENGTH: 1950mm - 2230 mm with face cradle fitted
WIDTH: 700mm

ARMRESTS: Two detachable armrests, with two movable positions down the side of the table.  Increasing the table width to 910 cm 
HEIGHT: 655mm to 920mm
WEIGHT: 15kg - 17.9kg with detachable extras
THICKNESS OF PLYWOOD: 6.2mm. This is important to the strength and durability of the table, giving you and your client confidence that this table plywood will not crack, as in the case of thinner poorer quality plywood.  
FOAM DENSITY: 28 kgs per cubic metre. This 28 density foam will give you better resilience force than lower density foams. Density is an important factor; it is the property that dictates the durability of the foam. The higher the density, the better and longer the foam will perform.  We have been using this density foam for 23 years because it gives a better performance. 

With our own personal experience of receiving healing treatments and massages on different massage tables, we know how important it is to have a comfortable foam that supports a client's weight especially for extended periods of time. The quality foam adds longevity and comfort to the table.  

COLOUR: Black Vinyl or White Vinyl
FACE HOLE: with face plug
WORKING WEIGHT: 270kgs  This is the combined weight of the therapist and client.  This is a strong reliable massage table.

Price includes the following extras: Carry bag, front arm support, adjustable face cradle (this can be placed at either end), side armrests with convenient 2 positions down the table and removable face plug. These extras are detachable from the table.
HIGH ARCHED END BRACE: The end brace has a beautiful arch, making it look stylish and giving easy access to the client when in a seated position at either end.
JTASL2 Arched end brace s

BACKREST IS ADJUSTABLE: Lies flat when not in use. Easily adjustable to 10 angled positions. This table is great for beauty therapy, tattoo, reflexology, acupuncture, massage and a wide variety of treatments.
Aluminium Massage Table with adjustable backrest
REMOVABLE ARMRESTS: These armrests can be added to the table to give extra width on either or both sides. The table width will then be 920cm across.  The armrests can also be moved down the table to a second position.  
Removable and adjustable massage table armrests-

ADJUSTABLE ALUMINIUM FACE CRADLE: Our face cradles are strong and reliable (plastic ones can be broken easily). The height is adjustable to any position and is locked in place with the locking cam.
The aluminium face cradle can be used to add length to the table.  The client's FACE rests on the face cradle then their arms are supported in the front arm support.  This has the advantage of opening up the Trapezius Muscle which is the large muscles extending over the back of the neck and shoulders.  
Massage Table Aluminium Face Cradle-760      Massage Table Face cradle and front armsupport in use-2-692
HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT: From 645mm to 910mm
Quick push button adjustment to change height easily.  Stronger than normal spring loaded, reliable, push-button system.
Massage Table Aluminium Leg Adjustment-515-469-460

CARRY BAG: Carry bag features an adjustable shoulder strap and a handle strap on the side, making it easier to carry. Also, includes a handy pocket on the side. The zip goes most of the way down the side of the bag. 

Massage Table Carry Bag-346Massage Table  Folded-991

We highly recommend our polar fleece covers for your table to help protect them from scuffs and oil. Also soft and comfortable. 


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